Wednesday, May 28, 2014

# 48 Tim Hardin and Paul Butterfield

    In addition to his earned reputation as the first convincing blues singer of his generation, Paul Butterfield holds the distinction of being the first great Blues/Rock harmonica player ever. This title alone leads him into a period between 1965 and 1975 where his funky sound is in steady demand by other artists trying to establish a career in popular music.

   During these years, many artists and their labels know that having Paul Butterfield: Harmonica  printed on the album cover will not only help record sales, but also add a level of distinction to individual songs. It is a combination of the full visceral tone he pulls out of his harmonica, and extraordinary timing that develops his profile as the most recognizable harmonica player in mainstream popular music. His only potential rival being Nashville's studio king, Charlie McCoy, he mostly works with country and country crossover artists.

  During his reign as the most sought-after harmonica sideman in Rock, Butterfield plays a supporting role on records by many artists who record everything from Traditional Folk, Blues, Jazz/Rock Fusion, and even mainstream pop. In fact, next to Charlie McCoy, Paul Butterfield's harmonica is a noticeable part of more pop records than anyone during the later half of the twentieth century.

   One of those artists is Tim Hardin. He is one of many singer songwriters who grows out of the early '60's Folk trend, and then crosses over into Folk/Rock boom. Over his brief career, Hardin never does experience the same success as a performer as he does a songwriter.  Readers may not have ever seen him in concert or heard any of his albums, but they have probably all heard one of his songs: If I were a Carpenter, Reason to Believe or Don't Make Promises to name a few.

    In 1969, Hardin releases the album Suite for Susan Moore and Damion. The last track of side one is Little Sweet Moments which features Butterfield's funky harmonica in a supporting role.


Monday, May 19, 2014

# 47 Paul Butterfield Jammin' with Jerry Garcia

  Can't say I know anything about this recording except that it is Paul Butterfield jamming with Jerry Garcia.

If you can add any information, please let me know?